Early Invention Services are an effective way to help children catch up or address specific developmental concerns as soon as possible in their lives ”

Watch this video to give you a overall view of what is Early Childhood Intervention.

Source from : www.opensocietyfoundations.org

MummyEmpowerment is created because my daughter, Denyse was suspected to have slight autism at the age of 2+ by her Paediatric Doctor and I was lucky to be aware of Early Childhood Intervention through my course of work. I got all the correct information from my parenting magazine editor and I found out that there are Child Development Unit in Singapore that I can send my daughter for detailed assessment. So I called the Child Development Unit from Jurong Medical Centre and I was told that the waiting list for the assessment is at least 6 months and for the Private Assessment is minimum 3 months. ( The fees are about double or triple than government centres )

I was very surprised and realised that there are quite a large number of children in Singapore that are going through Early Childhood Intervention . Most of the children are diagnosed only after 3 years old. That is when I started to find out more and go deeper into understanding Early Childhood Intervention a.k.a. ‘E.I’ . A lot of my peers who are parents are not aware of Early Childhood Intervention or they do not have a clear understanding of Early Childhood Intervention. I also realised that there weren’t any awareness or education on Early Childhood Intervention.

Finally after 3 months, we received a call from CDU that we gotten an earlier appointment slot. It was because one parent postpone their child’s appointment and we are so lucky to be given the appointment slot.

Through the assessment, the therapist discovered that Denyse has these signs of developmental delays :-

  • Do not respond to her name well
  • Do not have eye contact
  • Very short attention span
  • Couldn’t listen to instructions and execute them well
  • Couldn’t express herself through words
  • Not reacting to surroundings

All these may sound normal but from the therapist’s assessment, all these must be addressed at a younger age if not it will be very hard for both the parents & the child and when the child grows up, they might need to go to Special Needs Schools or institutions.

It is important for us Parents to be aware of Early Invention (E.I) and help our child to develop effectively.

What are the warning signs of a developmental delay? *

There are several general “warning signs” of possible delay.

These include:

Behavioral Warning Signs

  • Does not pay attention or stay focused on an activity for as long a time as other children of the same age
  • Focuses on unusual objects for long periods of time; enjoys this more than interacting with others
  • Avoids or rarely makes eye contact with others
  • Gets unusually frustrated when trying to do simple tasks that most children of the same age can do
  • Shows aggressive behaviors and acting out and appears to be very stubborn compared with other children
  • Displays violent behaviors on a daily basis
  • Stares into space, rocks body, or talks to self more often than other children of the same age
  • Does not seek love and approval from a caregiver or parent

Gross Motor Warning Signs

  • Has stiff arms and/or legs
  • Has a floppy or limp body posture compared to other children of the same age
  • Uses one side of body more than the other
  • Has a very clumsy manner compared with other children of the same age

Vision Warning Signs

  • Seems to have difficulty following objects or people with her eyes
  • Rubs eyes frequently
  • Turns, tilts or holds head in a strained or unusual position when trying to look at an object
  • Seems to have difficulty finding or picking up small objects dropped on the floor (after the age of 12 months)
  • Has difficulty focusing or making eye contact
  • Closes one eye when trying to look at distant objects
  • Eyes appear to be crossed or turned
  • Brings objects too close to eyes to see
  • One or both eyes appear abnormal in size or coloring

Hearing Warning Signs

  • Talks in a very loud or very soft voice
  • Seems to have difficulty responding when called from across the room, even when it is for something interesting
  • Turns body so that the same ear is always turned toward sound
  • Has difficulty understanding what has been said or following directions after once she has turned 3 years of age
  • Doesn’t startle to loud noises
  • Ears appear small or deformed
  • Fails to develop sounds or words that would be appropriate at her age

*Source : http://howkidsdevelop.com/developDevDelay.html

These are some clips of what Denyse are going through each Early Intervention session and we, parents have to learn and practice with her at home.

Denyse’s EI fine motoring skills

This exercise helps her to focus and increases her attention span. It also helps to train up her fine-motor skills. In this video, she has been going for a few therapy sessions and had improved a lot.

Denyse’s EI motoring skills

I would like to share with parents that putting your child through Early Intervention doesn’t mean that your child have learning disabilities or is a special needs child.

If you see any of the signs listed above in your child, don’t be afraid to bring them for an assessment or consult your Paediatric doctor during your next appointment with them. Start them early so that they have a higher chance of leading a better future life than going into institutions.

My wife and I were glad that we introduce Early Childhood Intervention to Denyse although she was only suspected slight autism. After going through the Early Invention for about a year, Denyse was discharge from the programme by the child psychologist after the final assessment. As our Paediatric doctor shared with us, even a normal child can go through the Early Intervention programme. It will help to enhance their development skills more.

Fast forward now to today, Denyse is now 7 years old and had just enter Primary 1. Below is a video of Denyse’s 1st Day to Primary School

So I really hope that by having MummyEmpowerment, it will help to empower more Parents with the knowledge and skills to develop their children more effectively.

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