What I have learned from Peng Joon’s social media strategies to grow your following

Kenneth Choo
4 min readOct 19, 2019

This video just came in TIMELY because I just launched my own Kenneth Choo TV Youtube channel.

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I just launched it yesterday and I have one comment coming in.

I love how Peng Joon put it all together in 5 key strategies.

Here are my takeaways after watching his video

  1. REAL PEOPLE, NOT NUMBERS — too many people get too concerned about the number of likes which take them away the path of building followers because they forgotten that followers are also real human being with feelings. That is why I appreciate why IG is taking away the likes so that people can focus on building valuable content instead of all the HYPE. This is something that I am practicing and engaging back to those who comment. It does help me to build up my following. :)

2) Document Your Journey — that is why now I have invested in getting my Huawei P30 smartphone that takes awesome video and it can document down 5–7 hours of video in one charge. It is about having the habit of documenting because it is not something that we are use to do because we care too many what others think and that’s why most of us who wanted to document down but we didn’t. I once heard from a very successful Youtuber that share in his video that if you are a Youtuber and you are not documenting down everything then you can’t be a successful Youtuber/Content creator. So if you are a content creator or writer than you must start documenting every single thing even thou it might be boring or mundane to you which could be a GEM to others.

3) Multiply Your Content — I have been learning and knowing how to multiply my content through you, Peng Joon & Garyvee but it is challenging for a solopreneur like me to implement your method so that’s why recently I have started to invest more time to edit my own talkshow videos and slowly documenting down the process of how I do it. Now it is getting faster and smoother now.We really have to figure out our own process of multiplying our contents that works for us. Rather than thinking about…

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