Is social media getting boring?

Kenneth Choo
6 min readJun 29, 2021

Recently I have been seeing people posting that

i) they wanted to delete their social media account or

ii) they dislike social media because it is not serving them

iii) social media is so toxic and there’s nothing good about it

iv) people are promoting themselves and selling things on social media

And many more…

I started to think about why they are posting these kinds of posts and what is the cause of these thoughts that they have.

What I’m going to share is based on my own experience and encounters. I cannot speak for most people.

Here are my own thoughts and let’s see if you can resonate with any of them.

There are 3 things that come to my mind.

Note: It is going to be a long post so read it at your own risk or stop reading from here. T

1) It is never about the social media platform, it is always about you.

What are your intentions? Who do you want to connect with? Are you using it for business or personal stuff?

When I first started, I mixed both business and personal on my own personal fb profile. It was uneasy because the business mode Kenneth is very different from the personal Kenneth.

The business side of me is very “Knowledge” personality based on the BANK Code personality test. I always come in the space of facts, data and curiousity which has driven some of my friends “crazy” whenever I reply to their posts.

But on the other hand, the personal side of me is very “Nurturing” where I’m your good listener or your BFF.

When I had decided to keep my work and life separate by having a business account for my work and keep my personal fb profile as personal as possible.

I have also started building my own email listing for my business related matters and nurture them in my business space.

For personal use, I keep it in my FB Profile while the rest of my social media handles are mostly work related stuffs with snippets of my life.

2) Who are the people that are in your social media friends list or the people that you are following in your social media…

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